About Portal Fantasy

Introducing Portal Fantasy, an immersive pixel RPG game that captivates players with its engaging story and dynamic cast of Heroes and Architects. Embark on endless quests in a world brimming with adventure and creative opportunities.

In Portal Fantasy, players can explore various worlds as a Hero, teaming up with Porbles and making new friends along the way. Alternatively, take on the role of an Architect and design custom worlds for other players to experience.

With a fresh approach to the classic RPG genre, Portal Fantasy merges innovative game mechanics and two exciting roles. Choose your path and embark on an unparalleled adventure.

The Story

Two millennia have passed since the War of the Goddesses. The Pyli Kingdom thrives, but danger looms as Porbles turn against humans and portals to Earth reopen. Rumors of the Great Magus Atlantes circulate, and it's up to Heroes and Architects to save the kingdom and uncover its secrets. Read more.

The Team

The Portal Fantasy team is a passionate group of industry veterans with experience at renowned studios such as Ubisoft, Haemimont Games, and Ironward. United by their love for video games and technology, the team strives to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences.


GO ON AN ADVENTURE - What does it mean to be a Hero? To be an Architect? What destiny do you fulfil? Explore the world and complete quests to unravel the secrets of the Portal Fantasy world.

OPTIMISE YOUR TEAM - Unlock Wilderness areas to battle and collect Porbles from 6 different elements and customise your Porbles to win every battle as a Hero. Find the best team and beat epic bosses to test your skills. The battle is on!

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED - Battle and collect all 100 Porbles to complete your Porble Index. Gather the best Porble and train your Porbles to the best stats for hardcore gamers looking for an extra challenge.

CREATIVITY IS KEY - Create new worlds and puzzles for other players to play as an Architect. Creativity is key! Reach to higher levels and collect new tilesets to build bigger and better quests for Heroes.

STUNNING PIXEL ART - Explore beautiful hand-drawn pixel art through spectacular landscapes and magnificent Porbles.

BUCKETS FULL OF MUSIC - Discover over 30 original soundtracks and immerse yourself into this brave new world.





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